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The Gospel According to Skinny Puppy

This article by Karen Bliss was originally published in the April/May 1991 edition of NETWORK Magazine.

Vancouver noise manipulators Skinny Puppy have always voiced their concerns, albeit through the somewhat incomprehensible, exorcist-like vocal distortions of lead singer Nivek Ogre. In '88 they raised animal rights issues on their fifth album VIVIsectVI. Now, with their seventh recording, Too Dark Park, they explore societal and environmental decay. If the world is in such a sorry state today, what will life be like in the year 2050? The prophecy of drummer cEVIN Key:


"Woody Allen's Sleeper will become more relevant, especially that ball that they pass around to get [sexual] energy."

Home Entertainment:

"Larger-than-life, like 85-inch color TVs and speakers you can walk inside, glorifying what we may have left over from not having sex."


"A regression to the most primary dinosaur chords of all time. Skill will no longer be the question; it will be ingenuity."


"It's like the movie Silent Running; a post-nuclear vision of greenhouses floating in space and one guy and a bunch of robots assigned to take care of them because they're looking for a space to settle."


"People will become more used to the Kavorkian to avoid painful death."


"It will be harder and harder to just live. Everybody will realize that instead of making a beautiful earth, they've made a living hell and allowed the people who own all the buildings - who have all the money - to set the standards. Hopefully the youth of tomorrow will get rid of the bugs in the system."


"Fifty-year-old Levis! But who's to say? There might be more trips to the army surplus store to pick up anti-ozone layers."

Personal Relationships:

"If you make the commitment to sleep with somebody, you may as well marry them 'cause there's gonna be too many diseases and too much stress in the world to carry on a promiscuous lifestyle."

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