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Interview by Gunnar Bali of New Life with Cevin Key, May 1995

NL: When are you hoping to complete THE PROCESS? When can we realistically expect it to be released?

CK: We are 90% finished as of today and I expect a release within 120 days.

NL: Is it "just" the final mixing which still has to be done?

CK: Yes, just final mixing.

NL: Is a single planned (e.g. Meek Baby, Tweak Baby)?

CK: Hopefully a few singles on this one but I cannot give titles. (no m.b.t.b.)

NL: A quite long time has passed since the release of "Last Rights". Before this album you managed to release a CD about every year. What has changed? There have been many delays in the production of the Process. I heard that you changed producers quite frequently. From Martin Atkins to Rave, Greg Reely and back to Rave again. ogre even spoke about tieing up and burning a producer once. What happened?

CK: We changed families (labels) and we changed to having management and all the time that it took to get a good new deal with American. We also wanted to take our time to make a very special Puppy LP. However many things have stood in our way in the making of this LP. The record company wanted us to try a new producer blood. We have a very unique way of working and many people have tried to manipulate this album into being something that they think is great. Now we have fired our management and reassembled the original Team of Production (d ogilvie) and we feel as though our unified strengths now more respected will prove stongest.

NL: Can you tell us something about your "Doom Generation" accident?

CK: It is currently in legal litigation so I cannot discuss the accident I did recieve a broken kneecap 23 stitches and 8 stitches on my face.

NL: Why have you changed your record label label? Are you confident with American? Do you receive the support you need from them?

CK: Yes, I feel that now the ball is rolling more with American. I think our management really misrepresented us and that is typical.

NL: How do the "two parts" of Skinny Puppy communicate with each other? How is the situation, having a singer who lives in LA and is located in Seattle right now?

CK: We communicate now mostly through our music.

NL: How often do you meet ogre? How would you describe your relation?

CK: Like i said we speak through our music. On Earth we share little common interests.

NL: How do you divide tasks within SP? Are the lyrics and visual imaginery ogre's exclusive task?

CK: Programming, playing and recording the musical side of sp is our position. We write 100% of the music and Ogre writes 100% of the lyrics except samples bytes and tape voices which is done by D> and myself as well. Dave Ogilvie is also a large factor and arranger of ogres performance. He controls ogre.

NL: Are you still interested in writing sound tracks for movies? Have you ever met Graeme Revell during your stay in LA? What do you think about his carreer from SPK to Hollywood?

CK: I know Graeme and I really respect his work. I loved DEAD CALM and what they did with ZAMIA LEHMANNI a classic. Graeme did call me last year about some potential future collaborations in film which sounds more than realistic down the road. we have done some scenes for films which are pending and we just finished a commercial for Atari Jaguar Games. We have a film of Jim Van Bebbers to score now and we'are actually late, so I hope he doesn't kick our asses.

NL: Is there a nonvanishing chance for a European Skinny Puppy tour this year?

CK: If it is within my power I would say yes but as it is we take one step at a time. We realise and have been told about the BOGUS tours of Europe We did intend to come to Europe on The LAST RIGHTS tour but Ogre hurt his knee and pulled out.

NL: What can we expect in SP live appearances. Will the program be similar to previous gigs or are you going to perform something totally new? Do we have to expect any blood and horror elements? Who will be live on stage?

CK: no comment

NL: I heard about new elements in "THE PROCESS", e.g. about ogre singing without any distortion and a guitar player. Can you shortly describe in which way the new album will differ from previous releases?

CK: I think this album is actually really our heaviest even though Ogre has used less effects on some tracks. I think this album reminds me more of Vivisect/Rabies/Bites We have used a guitar played instead of samples but then we fucked up his parts thus making samples.

NL: What is the name of the guitarist? Will he play heavy metal guitars like Ministry, NIN, FLA's Millennium or can we expect something more original?

CK: PAT SPRAWL a friend not a metal guy. He has wicked timing great original style fuckin heavy but not metal.

NL: We are still missing the texts of Last Rights, the planned Love in Vein single and Left Hand Shake. Can we expect any of these objects to be made available to the public in the near future (esp. LHS)?

CK: Hmmm, I don't want to just make noises. If you can access the Internet you may download Left Handshake from the skinny puppy homepage www

NL: I heard you are working on rereleases of old and rare material, e.g. a Back and Forth Series 3, Live Recordings (BRAP) etc. Can you comment on this? Can we also expect (re)releases of related projects like "A Chud Convention", "Mutual Mortuary", "Aftermath", "Lee Chubby King" etc.?

CK: I am collecting together all the recordings from our tours and tons of old 4 track tapes in preparation for a back and forth 3 called BRAP. It will be nothing but live Improvisations 84-92 SP LIVE. we are taking contributions from bootleggers and collectors to send their favorite tracks. So far I have recieved 4 hours of stuff and I myself have at least 30 hours so I think I can put together a good 70 minutes.

NL: Now that you are working on a PROCESS video, can we expect old clips to be made available to the public either?

CK: yes we are in the works in getting together a Skinny Puppy video compilation to be available in stores soooooon.

NL: Have you thought about releasing videos in PAL format?

CK: and yes europe pal in in full mind.

NL: Apart from Skinny Puppy you are at present involved into many side projects. Duck has put out a split 12" with Philth, you have participated in one Death Voices on Air track. Now you are planning to release the Download albums DOWNLOAD, SYNTHESIZER and COLLISIONS. Who participated in these albums? How would you describe them stylistically?

CK: This is a very cool topic because I feel as though Download which is Key, Goettel, DVOA spybey, Philth is very cutting edge. Basically we have been getting together off and on for a year or so and the stuff we make is just horribly and agressively enough to make you trip without acid. We are in the process of assembling a debut Lp which will be next and we have a German label for this. If anyone is a fan of the last track on last rights then I'm sure Download will become your favorite band. sooooooooon

NL: Are you planning to release a new Tear Garden in the near future?

CK: Yes I hope to do a reunion within a year or two. I hope to always be able to work with Edward and LPD. We really enjoy working with that vibe the TEAR GARDEN brings out in us when we are together. I love those guys like family.

NL: What do you think about intelligent techno and ambient? Do you like any techno projects?

CK: I am a fan of Electronic Music in all ways. we listen and buy alot of stuff I must say that almost all the stuff I buy now is Electronic.

recently and not so recent list;
KRAFTWERK 1 (found it ! cool)
DROME: final corporate colonisation......
APHEX TWIN: I care cuz you do
o yuki conjugate (ambient)
mu-Ziq: Tango N vectif
Brainticket (1971)
Atomu Shinzu: ACT
Eno and Budd: The pearl
Human league (vintage track entitled Black hit of space)

NL: What is your opinion on metal-electro crossover? What do you think about Nine Inch Nails' "Downward Spiral" and Front Line Assembly's "Millennium"?

CK: Personally i listened to Downward spiral 1 or 2 times and I found that there was nothing for me in that sound. I love to hear "other" things in music almost like a journey. FLA have never done that for me and neither has NIN (TRENTS ogreISMs are a turnoff for me)

NL: Can we expect any multi media projects in the near future?

CK: yes as many as we can set in motion and retain a quality control

NL: Which artists, movies and/or books do you like in the moment. Why?

CK: Not many. I am a synthesizer collecter and love screwing around with old synths and improvising. Other than that, I watch about 1-2 hours a day of the OJ simpson trial mainly because I am interested in the Process of the trial and the conduct of the attorneys. I also Firmly believe that he is GUILTY and I am outraged that money can in this case buy his freedom.

NL: Why will the new album be titled "THE PROCESS"? Is there any connection to OJ Simpson's "process"?

CK: No there isn't except that the media is playing their part in the PROCESS in the coverage.

NL: What motivates you being active in the music business for almost 15 years?

CK: Electronic music.Psychedelia.Planets.Chanelling.Improvisation.Serge Roland ARP. Subbass. restoring my 57 vw. Ganja Jamaica. wierdness extremes . sync. sequencers.pitch shifters, Subconscious Studios.

NL: Does May 1st mean anything to you?

CK: The day we left california.

NL: Gunnar Bali

CK: Cevin Key

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