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In Defense of Animals

Ogre - Skinny Puppy

Wake up. You are in a chair. The feeling is calm. Your instinct, which you trust, signals a simple painless examination. You trust. You are in their care. You trust them. Wake up. You develop an itch, subtle but annoying, growing in intensity at the back of your neck. Simple. You reach and yet cannot. Wake up. Behind you, voices rise almost at the same rate as the itch you cannot scratch. The words are garbled and unintelligible. You begin to go tense, struggling to raise your hands. Squirming and not in control. You panic. The voices mimic you and surround your mind. You don't understand. You trusted them. Wake up. You look down at your bleeding wrists, secure in their shackles. The chair of worship. They laugh at you or seem unconcerned, laughing among themselves.

They worship a blood religion. The research is your reaction to pain, over and over. Your life has been bought and sold in the pages of a catalogue. Pain. You had a dream of going on a walk, choosing your day's activities. Now the dream is over. You will never have that dream again. As they cut, scratch, scrape, pour chemicals, burn and inject into your broken, worn and diseased body, you wonder why? You smell their breath, these blood doctors, as they pull, prod, and tear at you with the same care as those who demolish buildings. They are ripping the essence of your soul, breaking you. You cannot wake from this nightmare. You are an animal.

This nightmare places you within the perception of an animal under the mental and physical duress of medical experimentation, or vivisection. When we look beyond the barriers of the conditioning (yes, we are victims too) which makes us see vivisection as "necessary," we see that animals are individuals yet are treated as commodities. Wake up. Animals have become the unwilling nuts and bolts of this massive machine of research and destruction. They have no say, but we do. Try and see through the eyes of your friends, the animals. Place yourself in their tortured bodies. The powers that be see you no different than them, and one day you may awaken to find yourself screaming, bleeding, tortured..wondering, how did this happen?

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